Become a Salesflow Affiliate

Partner with us with our Affiliate Program.
A simple way to make money for referring people to Salesflow.

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How it works


1. Apply to the program

Fill out and submit our application form. Once everything is sorted & approved, we’ll give you a unique link that you can share wherever.

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2. Share your love of Salesflow

Use your Affiliate Link to promote Salesflow as a Lead generation solution

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3. Get Paid Monthly

Earn Commission and earn a share of the revenue for every new user you bring on. Paid out monthly, for up to 12 months.

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4. Track

Track your commissions using our affiliate tool

Types of Partners

Salesflow Agencies Icon Marketing & Sales Agencies

10%-20% Commission rate

Get 20% for the first month's payout, then 10% thereafter.

LinkedIn Automation Tool Revenue Icon


Average commission monthly payout *For long term affiliates based on 6-30 referrals and subscription types.

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1 year MMR

Get monthly payouts for the same referral for up to 12 months. *Please note that each referral must reach $100 in payment before they qualify towards your commission.

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost to be an affiliate?

No, it does not cost anything at all! All that's needed is for you to fill out our form by clicking the button below!

Do I have to be a Salesflow user to promote Salesflow?

We would love it if you were, but no you don’t have to be. Also please note, if you do not use your referral link, it will expire after 1 year

Can I refer clients?

If you are going to manage your client's Salesflow accounts, then no. If they manage their own Salesflow accounts, then it’s OK. Helping them with set-up is fine

What happens if a referral doesn’t use my link to register?

Unfortunately, we cannot count that as a referral. A referral must use your link to register as this process is automatically tracked and cannot be changed

Where can I track my referrals?

We use an affiliate platform called First Promoter which you will also get access to. You can use your own account to track everything you need to know about your referrals and commission

Ready to earn passive monthly revenue?

Receive monthly shares for each Salesflow sale you drive. Monetizing your audience has never been so easy.

Become an Affiliate