Find & use a system to optimize the LinkedIn Sales Navigator programme and automate LinkedIn prospecting to save time on lead generation.


Introduced Salesflow tool, enhancing Sales Navigator tools to increase the number of leads, generated by sending out automatic connection invites with InMail messages or follow-up messages over a course of 15 days.

Both Adam and Bianca have launched multiple SalesFlow campaigns to reach relevant industry professionals across different sectors. Each campaign was built with interesting and relevant content to engage with prospects.

Furthermore, relationships were built and maintained by both Adam and Bianca personally. Messages sent to prospects included different offerings from introductions, sharing relevant, helpful and up-to-date blog posts and articles, invites to events, free online webinars and current conversation starters. SalesFlow works by sending out the connection invites and subsequent messages automatically, while Adam and Bianca manage the replies and personally build their relationships.


Both Adam and Bianca have gained a significant increase in relevant LinkedIn connections and are using business networking groups to develop their client base. Bianca is particularly focussed on Social Selling through LinkedIn, using SalesFlow has saved her time and improved her closing ratio as more leads can now be generated leading to more business.

Conversion rates:

They now have a very high SSI (Social Selling Index) with both of them being ranked in the Top 1% for Industry & Network SSI on LinkedIn. Since using SalesFlow, they have seen an increase in potential clients. Adam’s campaigns have increased the number of connections (from 1903 to exactly 3100) and for Bianca’s account (523 to 960). Percentage-wise the percentage of growth is 62% and 51% respectively within 15 days! Adam and Bianca have developed a specific sales strategy for using SalesFlow and are now sharing this with their clients to help them generate great results.

“Salesflow is awesome and is a must-have for B2B social selling! This is a brilliant platform that saves time and money on lead generation, reduces stress and gets you connected to relevant prospects across your target industries, and fast.”

Bianca Caplan, Director of Cellular Attitude

About Cellular Attitude

Cellular Attitude delivers its very own sales training programme “The Psychology of Sales”, business coaching, motivational speaking, online learning, and publishes personal development books. They are helping businesses increase their sales and helping people to ‘engage, learn, grow and deliver through mentoring, outsourcing, training, building and managing sales teams for businesses. Cellular Attitude is run by father and daughter power team, Adam and Bianca Caplan, who are both helping people lead happier lives!