FiveRings Marketing is a Sales and Marketing Agency that helps B2B tech companies go to market and grow sales with LinkedIn, cold calling, emailing and PPC. They chose Salesflow as their LinkedIn Lead Generation partner for a reliable, error-free prospecting solution complete with industry-leading functionality. Working with Salesflow for three years, they’ve seen:

  • 6x company growth
  • 3x growth in the number of accounts
  • 6+ meetings from each LinkedIn profile

The challenge of finding a reliable lead-generation solution 

When Shaheem first co-founded FiveRings, all prospecting was manual. “We were literally copy-pasting templates into Sales Navigator, counting responses to collect stats for our clients,” says Shaheem.

He quickly realised a tool would be necessary to scale the agency and take on more clients. However, other prospecting solutions he explored lacked Salesflow’s advanced functionality and introduced errors into cadences.

“Tons of errors would happen,” reveals Shaheem. “It would double message people, or someone has already replied and said no, and it’s still sending out sequences to them.” Clients were understandably dissatisfied, and Shaheem was anxious to find an alternative lead-generation solution that could ensure professional results while offering the functionality required to help the company scale.

He started looking around at other solutions. After exploring various options, he settled on Salesflow due to its superior functionality, inbox management, and scalability.

Why FiveRings partnered with Salesflow

Salesflow adds “an insane amount of value,” says Shaheem. “Because of how seamless the tool is, we can just work within the tool and manage replies and tags.” Salesflow’s UX is designed to improve prospecting efficiency and streamline the process for agency users. “We’re able to manage all the accounts a lot better and get back to responses a lot faster,” says Shaheem. That, in turn, helps FiveRings provide a stellar client experience.

Salesflow has also helped with client coordination and communication. White-labelling functionality allows client-side access to the tool and means Shaheem and his team can show tags and conversations to clients. “That’s been huge because it builds trust and transparency with our clients,” Shaheem explains. The ability to white-label dashboards with FiveRings branding has also helped to ensure professionalism and build client trust.

Rather than manually reporting on acceptances and conversations like before, Salesflow’s functionality has also enabled FiveRings to offload significant feedback admin.

Crucially for Shaheem, since moving to Salesflow there have been no errors in cadences. “That’s a huge improvement in client experience from before,” he says. And for an innovative and future-looking company, Salesflow’s willingness to listen to feature requests and implement them quickly has led to a confident ongoing partnership.

6x company growth

“When we first started using Sales Flow, we were maybe 4 or 5 people, and now we’re 30 plus,” Shaheem reveals. Efficient, error-free prospecting on Salesflow’s white-labelled solution has seen the company grow from strength to strength. Salesflow’s advanced reporting, white-label dashboard and sessions browser tool have provided the functionality FiveRings needed to grow in revenue, account margins, and ultimately company size.

 3x growth in profiles

Salesflow’s reliable sequences and real-time AI-driven lead management inbox have given Shaheem the foundation necessary to scale his agency. “When we first onboarded, we had 20 profiles. Now, we have 60+” he explains. “We’re a pretty established agency now, and Salesflow is … the most important tool in the stack.”

With Salesflow, FiveRings benefits from an industry-leading solution with features such as a session tool to maximise efficiency and ease of use. The company has significantly reduced its need to log in to clients’ LinkedIn accounts directly. Plus, a priority Slack Channel provides direct and immediate communication with the Salesflow support team, so technical issues are sorted in no time.

“It’s the trust, credibility, ease of use of the tool, the scalability,” says Shaheem. “There’s so many little things that you guys have that help us as an agency and as a business.”

8 meetings from 400 invites

Using Salesflow, FiveRings can send 400 invites per month per account. That leads to a minimum of 6 meetings booked per month, with an average of 8. Being able to consistently send a high volume of invites while remaining within LinkedIn allowances and not facing account blocks has been the backbone of the company’s ability to scale.

Salesflow’s unified interface, complete with analytics and AI-driven inbox management, has saved the company significant time, allowing Shaheem’s teams to maximise invites and follow-ups to produce consistent, scaled results. “A lot of time has been saved just managing responses,” he revealed.

Consistent, scalable results for clients improve trust and speak to FiveRings’ ability to deliver. In turn, that trust helps Shaheem build successful relationships with more potential clients. 

Levelling up FiveRings with above-and-beyond customer service

When choosing a lead generation solution, Shaheem carefully looked for a service with complete functionality and a proactive approach to product development. But it’s the attentive way Salesflow’s customer service teams champion the agency’s success that keeps FiveRings on the service.

“The customer service with you guys is just unreal,” he says. “Responsive, always getting on top of something.”

Salesflow’s customer-centric ethos translates to a continually industry-leading solution. As Shaheem explains, superior customer service translates into a first-class product “because you’re thinking about the problems that your customers will be facing.”

FiveRings can be confident in Salesflow delivering error-free results. That confidence translates to client trust, ensuring the company’s long-term success and viability.

“Honestly, your customer success team is unreal. Responsive, always getting on top of something, problems fixing it. That goes beyond too, because customer service also translates into the product as well because you’re thinking about the problems that your customers will be facing. “

Shaheem, Co-founder

LinkedIn automation to grow your agency

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