In order to sync Salesflow data with your Pipedrive account, you have the following triggers available to you 

  1. When someone connects with you 
  2. When someone replies to you (both positive and negative)
  3. When Salesflow withdraws invite 

*note Salesflow is only able to gather data and pull information such as email and phone number if available and that they connected with you through the system use only* 


  • Simply all data across the LinkedIn campaign to your Pipedrive
  • Better manage deals for save time and keep organised 
  • Leverage outbound date further for email and phone steps

Step 1 – choose your connector 

Once you’ve established which trigger you would like to use, you will need to choose which platform to send web-book, for example, Zapier or or native webhooks if the app you are looking to integrate works. 

Step 2 – setup the flow

In this example we will look at Zapier steps, once you go onto the “zap” section of the webpage – you will need firstly add “webhooks by Zapier” 

Step 3 – sync 

Copy the URL provided by Zapier and then paste this into the Salesflow

And paste below (in Integrations tab):

Step 4 – connect Pipedrive 

Once you connect your Pipedrive account by selecting it, you then need simply create an action, in this example – creating a deal. 

Once done, simply select where you want the data to go into. For example, having x information and going to the open deal stage on Pipedrive then click “continue”, then & test it and you will be done! 

Data points which you can send from Salesflow to third party app such as Pipedrive include the following data points:

  1. First and last name 
  2. Email 
  3. Phone number (direct dial if available or members provided it) 
  4. Linkedin URL 
  5. Industry 
  6. Job title 
  7. Location 
  8. Response, if you select that in the trigger section 

You now have an integration with LinkedIn, Salesflow and Pipedrive!