Salesflow CEO Besnik was a guest at the Meet.Capital Startup Podcast

Check out the video –here–

Besnik shared a thoughtful and honest account of his journey and learnings, including his thoughts about bootstrapping, and the right time to raise capital for a SaaS startup. 

Here are Besnik’s 5 tips for startup founders:

  1. Build Sweat Equity: Start with sweat equity by creating an MVP, showing growth, or gaining initial traction. Invest your own savings or seek grants to prove value before seeking investment.
  2. Gain Experience: Work in a startup or become an expert in your problem area to gain industry experience, crucial for startup success.
  3. Experiment Widely: Test various methods to find your traction channel. Use data to demonstrate growth potential and scalability to investors.
  4. Know Your Unit Economics: Understand and be able to explain your financials—pricing, CAC, retention, and churn. Allocate resources wisely.
  5. Cultivate Resilience: Perseverance is key. Use technology and data to find investors and scale your efforts. Persistence increases your chances of success.