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Providing Linkedin as a Service

Generate hot leads for your clients and manage them all from white-label dashboard

Advanced reporting

Set the metrics your client wants to see & integrate to your favourite CRM, Zapier or other native integrations.

White-label dashboard

Impress your clients by adding your branding to our white-label dashboard and giving them direct access to a private inbox and detailed reports.

Future-Proof with real results

Cold calling and emailing are on the way out. Our tool provides a proven alternative way for consensual outreach, at scale.

Customized client access

Give your clients access to private leads inboxes and reports that have your agency’s logo and branding.

  • Add your logo and domain
  • Advanced client reports
  • Provide custom LinkedIn inbox made for lead management
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Manage everything from one place

Track all your client activities from one global dashboard to grow your business with confidence and scale it beyond the size of your team.

  • Access client LinkedIn accounts and sync with Salesflow via our custom desktop agency browser
  • Review snapshots from all your campaigns from our global agency panel
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Skyrocket your agency profits

Scale your LinkedIn services and lower your management cost per client with our white-label dashboard.

  • Provide LinkedIn automation as a service
  • Scalable and secure cloud-based solution
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Why partner with us?

  • 48%

    Increase in revenue

  • 10mil+

    Leads generated

  • 200+

    Agencies using Salesflow

  • 5+

    5+ Global support team

  • Future-proof approach
  • Impressive Client solution
  • Genuine partner support team
  • Scalable client service
  • Manage up to 100+ accounts of your clients

Still not convinced?

Request a demo and we will show you why Salesflow is the best tool for LinkedIn outreach

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Frequently asked questions

How can I manage multiple accounts?

You can do that with our global portal. Use it to manage 1000+ accounts and monitor the health of different campaigns from one place.

How can I ensure my clients' secuirty?

Salesflow has an almost 0% ban rate. Our sophisticated algorithm mimics human behaviour and uses dedicated cloud-based IPs. We also have something no other competitor has, which is a custom browser that you can use to access your clients' LinkedIn accounts for maximum security.

Do you offer special pricing for agencies?

We offer special agency tiers that scale as you grow. This allows you to improve your margins, and get access to exclusive resources and support.

Can I integrate Salesflow with an email automation tool?

Salesflow supports Zapier and Webhook integrations, which allows you to connect to any tool on the market. If a specific tool is a part of your workflow, request a call and we can discuss how to integrate it.

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