Axented is an AI-powered Talent Sourcing platform on a mission to streamline the finding, hiring, and management of employees for its clients.

Using the Salesflow LinkedIn Lead Generation solution, Axented has: 

  • Saved 50 hours a week;
  • Added 50% value to each sales rep’s activity.  

Adopting Salesflow has enabled founder and CEO Gabriel Paredes to increase the efficiency of outreach activities and improve monitoring and management.

About Axented

One of LATAM’s top 20 tech B2B companies, Axented has helped hundreds of companies scale faster via its talent sourcing, remote talent management, and money management solutions.  

A former consulting technology company in business for over 10 years, the company prides itself on its expertise in developing technology teams. 

The opportunity to optimise lead generation

As a leading technology platform, Axented was already aware of the importance of automation tooling and had an incumbent LinkedIn solution. However, when the team scaled from 5 to 10, Paredes was keen to optimise the lead generation process.

“A lot of interested potential customers end up with a competitor because there is a lot of “try-before-you-buy” mentality in recruitment,” Paredes explains. 

Lower conversion rates across the recruitment industry make it important for reps to employ a consistent and scalable approach to LinkedIn outreach. Success is contingent on a resilient prospecting strategy, error-free automation technology, and the ability to adapt cadences flexibly. 

To ensure the best outcomes for the business, Paredes decided to evaluate several LinkedIn solutions to find the most cost-effective and feature-rich platform.

Why Axented Chose Salesflow

Before Salesflow, Axented was using a different LinkedIn Lead Generation solution. When the business scaled from 5 to 10 reps, Paredes realised the Salesflow features and pricing model better suited his business requirements. 

“Feature-wise … I’ve always liked Salesflow,” says Paredes. “It’s a little bit easier to use.” Paredes found the Salesflow UX was better suited to his business needs. The birds-eye view provided by the Salesflow admin dashboard for assessing and managing sales team output was particularly of interest.

Because of the lower conversion rate in the recruitment industry, Paredes was keen to ensure reps engaged in persistent outreach. He also wanted to see what was working and what needed iterating quickly. Salesflow’s solution provided an intuitive interface for Axented’s reps. The birds-eye view of the admin dashboard offered an easy way for Paredes to monitor output. “I’m able to make sure that all the campaigns are top-notch,” he says.

The level of support on offer also impressed Paredes. We have better support when we have questions about our campaigns,” he explains. This attentiveness gave him confidence that Salesflow was the most suitable solution for his business. 

How Axented uses Salesflow for prospecting success

Axented uses Salesflow for two use cases. “We have it for generating leads, obviously, for sales,” says Paredes. “But we also use it for talent [outreach].” Axented sees 5-10 talent meetings and around 2 business meetings a week through its Salesflow outreach activities.

Salesflow fits easily into Axented’s existing sales tech stack. The company uses HubSpot for all inbound and outbound activity and data imported to Salesflow can be natively channelled into HubSpot for a central source of truth.

A sophisticated tech stack and the seamless flow of data across all outreach tools and customer database records provide significant tech uplift and help Axented prepare to scale. 

50 hours a week saved

Using Salesflow, each Axented employee saves five hours a week. Overall, that adds up to 50 hours a week saved across the company’s 10 Salesflow seats. 

An extra 50 hours a week means Axented’s reps can scale cadences, reach out to more people, hone messaging and personalisation, and introduce consistency with automated follow-ups. 

50% value add

“For every $1 that I would have spent on my sales team salary, I’m getting $1.50 by adding on Salesflow to it,” says Paredes. 

Saving 50 hours a week is the equivalent of thousands in business operations. Salesflow has enabled Axented to improve ROI instantaneously – and the company can expect results to improve as they scale and add more users and outreach.  

Streamlined management of 10+ team members

Paredes says the most valuable thing about Salesflow is the bird’s-eye view available from the admin dashboard. “I can see everyone’s campaign, so I can see if somebody’s not doing their best or not following up,” he says. The click-through interface requires no data export and keeps Paredes’ sales tech stack simple and streamlined. 

The ease of access optimises Paredes’ management process and has been valuable when managing the growth of his team from 5 to 10 reps. “I don’t even have to talk to them,” says Paredes. Instead of meetings to run through campaigns, Paredes can gain immediate insight into what is and isn’t working. This insight enables him to hone and iterate strategy over time to ensure success and consistency in a highly competitive try-before-you-buy industry.

“Honestly, for me, the admin dashboard view is most valuable. I can see everyone’s campaign from “A bird’s eye view”. We have better support when we have questions about our campaigns”

Gabriel Paredes, Founder & CEO

Streamline your LinkedIn outreach and save valuable business hours

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