Introduction is an agency that lives or dies by its ability to generate leads for customers. For the past two years, it has used Salesflow to automate its LinkedIn outreach strategy for streamlined, reliable results.

Using Salesflow, the company has achieved:

·      20x return on investment per deal

·      30% conversion rate of meetings to clients

·      Growth on track for 1 Million AUD a year

Plus, Salesflow ensures is always up to date with changing technology, so it can focus on creating value and opportunities for clients.

The challenge is a lead generation agency with a track record of producing high-quality LinkedIn leads for Australian sales professionals and business owners.

Before Salesflow, it relied on Virtual Assistants to manually send LinkedIn campaigns. It was difficult to run multiple campaigns at once: steps were frequently forgotten and cadences became out of sync due to human error and bandwidth issues. The cost of manual operations was high, yet there was little return on investment from offering a human element: “I actually had … accounts thinking something weird was going on”, explains Ryan, Managing Director.

Having an entirely manual system also meant couldn’t refine its targeting strategy. The frustration of attempting to run multiple campaigns, and the unreliable results due to manual error, stopped the company from honing and refining its outreach strategy, ultimately threatening its ambitious growth goals.

Why chose Salesflow

Ryan tried some automation tools, but they only offered a part of the outreach capabilities he required or needed to be open on the screen to work. 

He turned to Salesflow for a solution that could run in the background, import and export data from multiple systems, and take care of the entire automated LinkedIn outreach process.

A 20x Return on Investment

Before Salesflow, Ryan’s manual prospecting was costly, inefficient and unreliable.  “It was just hard to get a consistent, reliable process across multiple different campaigns,” he explains. Lots of time was wasted in the outreach process. Manual campaigns took hours, didn’t reach enough people, and were hard to scale and messy to execute – all of which impacted ROI.

Salesflow’s automation tooling streamlined the process of prospecting, enabling Ryan to focus on strategy. were able to instantly benefit from hyper-personalised messaging, unlimited follow-up messages, and the ability to create, schedule and run multiple campaigns,

Since using Salesflow’s LinkedIn automation, “cost per acquisition sits around 100 or 200 marks AUD, which is crazy,” says Ryan. “My customer lifetime value is $7,000. So it’s like 20 times return on investment.” Salesflow enables the company to prospect on a scale not previously possible, making LinkedIn a viable and consistently performing outreach channel for the company.

Growth from 0 to a million AUD a year

Salesflow’s comprehensive automation technology has enabled to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on strategy. In doing so, the company has grown from 0 AUD 5 years ago to now being on track for a million AUD a year. Over the last two years, the lifetime value of the average client has grown to around $7,000 AUD.  

In addition to saving the company time and efficiency with individual prospects, Salesflow has unlocked new prospecting possibilities that have transformed the company’s processes and growth potential. The ability to import lists, control volumes across campaigns and export campaign feedback has matured the company’s outreach strategy. Ryan uses Salesflow’s API tab to pull data into spreadsheets and hone his targets. “I just would never have done it manually,” he explains. “It’s too expensive to do it in terms of time”. “Being able to split test across multiple campaigns and different audiences, and optimise and refine things that sets us apart.”

 50% conversion rate of leads to meetings

Before using Salesflow, faced problems achieving a consistent, reliable outreach process, which ultimately impacted prospect trust. Messages weren’t being sent consistently, and prospects questioned whether they were speaking to professionals or bots.

Salesflow’s automation technology has introduced reliable and consistent messages that have increased engagement with leads. Now, books meetings with 50% of leads, with 30% of these meetings ultimately resulting in clients.  

“It’s pretty black and white,” says Ryan. We’ve sourced better “lead generation clients, more money for our clients, and money for us”.

Overall Results

Partnering with Salesflow, runs efficient, high-converting lead generation campaigns for its clients. Our metrics, feedback and integrations ensure the company is always at the forefront of lead generation strategy. All with reduced acquisition costs, increased reliability, and great customer satisfaction.

“I’ve been using Salesflow for around 3 years now. I know that anytime there is some sort of change on LinkedIn, I don’t get too stressed out anymore because I know Salesflow usually probably working crazy in the background to try and get it all up to date as fast as possible.”

Ryan, Managing Director

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