Inbox Attack is a collective of marketing agencies led by world-class email domain experts. The company approached Salesflow due to problems scaling and managing LinkedIn outreach. Now with the platform for 1-2 years, the company has seen:

  • 150% more value for clients
  • 3-5 hours saved per client per month
  • 25% business growth
  • 2-10x increased ROI.

About Inbox Attack

Inbox Attack serves clients with, B2B and copywriting services through its three distinct business units: B2B Bandits, Email, and Inbox Attack. In total, the agency has helped over a thousand business owners with nearly 11,000 unique campaigns, generating half a billion dollars in revenue.

The challenge of scaling LinkedIn outreach

Despite primarily focusing on email outreach, Inbox Attack was keenly aware of the value add LinkedIn offered to its lead generation strategy. However, the agency group faced hardware and bandwidth problems when attempting to scale its use of the LinkedIn platform.

“We used to use a program that was Chrome extension based, so being able to scale was a problem,” says David Begg, President of B2B Bandits. “In order to run multiple campaigns at once, we needed to have multiple browsers open.”

This method couldn’t scale, in part due to the amount of memory needed to run multiple campaigns on a single machine. Running campaigns across multiple machines introduced extra costs and inefficiencies. It also risked server and IP location flags that could lead to account blocks. 

For Begg, server location posed a significant limitation. “If my client was in New York and I was in LA, running outreach from their profile on my computer posed a problem long-term because of the server inaccuracy logging in from multiple locations at once,” he explains. Such issues would prevent the agency from scaling or risk client LinkedIn accounts – something over which Begg was unwilling to bet his reputation. 

Why Inbox Attack Chose Salesflow

“To me, Salesflow is like a crock pot,” says Begg. “You just front-load the work, build the campaign, add the contacts, and then just let it go … the automation is really nice. It’s nice to be able to manage it all from one place, and through a remote server.”

Using Salesflow, Begg has removed the need for an external machine to run in-house. He also no longer has to check on campaigns or systems. 

Salesflow’s commitment to customer service also impressed the company. “That’s something that we look for in all the tools that we use,” says Begg. “The ones that lack support, we just get rid of. That’s a big thumbs up to your support team.”

3-5 hours saved per client per month

Salesflow’s automation software saves Inbox Attack 3-5 hours a month per person. Begg’s employees can simply load up messages and scale outreach to hundreds of potential prospects, all without needing to keep a browser window open.

“Even using a Chrome extension takes a daily task, and obviously bandwidth on your machine and everything else [is a problem],” says Begg. “It’s nice to eliminate pretty much all that.”

150% more value for clients

Salesflow’s stability enables Inbox Attack to do LinkedIn outreach with confidence, even in the face of LinkedIn updates that would previously have caused interruptions. As a result, Inbox Attack now produces 1.5x more value for its clients.

“I know it works pretty diligently every time LinkedIn makes an update,” says Begg. Inbox Attack can communicate updates to clients as well, increasing trust in the brand’s expertise. Because of the increased value Inbox Attack now offers its customers, average client spend with the agency has also increased.

25% business growth

Salesflow has enabled Inbox Attack to scale by 25%. “The ease of operation and increase in outreach efficiency allowed us to increase our revenue when running outreach for clients,” says Begg.

Salesflow’s steady outreach capabilities, versus the company’s previous touch-and-go solution, have given Begg the confidence to scale. Combined with a better bottom line, the improvement has meant the company has been able to hire two to three more full-time employees. 

“Salesflow also allowed us to spend less time attracting new clients for our own business,” says Begg. “The savings of time and labour, combined with an effective method of outreach, pencilled out to a better bottom line.”

2-10x increased ROI

“We’re seeing at least a 2x ROI while working with Salesflow over previous LinkedIn outreach methods,” says Begg. “This doesn’t include the time we save on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with outreach activity and reporting.”

Connection and response rates have increased as a result of using Salesflow. AI-driven inbox management has streamlined the prospecting process, and dashboards, analytics, and A/B testing functionality have enabled the company to hone its lead-generation strategy. 

“It’s nice that we can have multiple campaigns going at once and actually compare the results, versus our old method,” says Begg. “It’s allowed us to pivot messaging faster … I’m saving myself a ton of time and energy.”

Salesflow has been such a success for the agency that they’ve started using the solution for other, broader purposes. Begg is currently using Salesflow for one of his own business campaigns. We’ve had dozens of positive responses already,” he said. Inbox Attack is also using the Salesflow solution to recruit a sales team for one client that has too many deals to handle on its own. 

Overall Results

“Salesflow has allowed us to consolidate all of our client’s LinkedIn outreach into one centralized location, made reporting and logging much easier, and overall improved our ability to offer this service to our clients.

The ability to see campaign performance in one place allows us to edit and improve campaigns on the fly, and has improved our overall conversion at scale.”

“Salesflow allowed us to scale our business by about 25%. The ease of operation and increase in outreach efficiency allowed us to increase our revenue when running outreach for clients. “

David, President

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