Selltron Group is a leading professional coaching agency providing Executive Business Coaching and Business Consulting Services. It guarantees the certified coaches and professional services firms on its platform a minimum of two qualified sales leads per month.

With Salesflow, the company saw an opportunity to maximise efficiency and automation across its outreach processes, leading to:

·      40 hours of manual prospecting saved per week

·      10x return on investment

·      Accelerated time to meeting

·      Up to 60x return on investment for its clientele of coaches.

Most importantly, Selltron Group was able to prioritise its client and prospect relationships, maintaining the heart of its ethos to offer a supportive, human coaching environment.

Selltron Group’s search for a scalable automation tool

Despite using LinkedIn for years, Selltron Group realised it was increasingly important to find an automated solution that could help them scale and ensure they could always confidently hit their SLAs and client guarantees.

“It’s a bit ambiguous and complicated using LinkedIn by itself,” explains Donald. The company was concerned about return on investment and the operational impact of spending a large number of hours manually prospecting. Client guarantees and service SLAs meant prospecting was always going to be a core business need, and the company saw the opportunity to streamline this process and accelerate business success.

Selltron Group saw an opportunity to maximise return on investment and scale the business for the long term through a partnership with Salesflow, the only automation solution that met all of its requirements.

Why Selltron Group chose Salesflow

Before engaging Salesflow, Selltron Group was using LinkedIn tooling designed in-house by Donald Hache, Chief Executive & Strategy Officer.  The company had tried other tools, but wasn’t satisfied with the client relationship and didn’t feel they offered all the functionality required to support its aims.

Past experiences had made Donald wary of establishing the best working relationship. “Salesflow really listened to us very clearly, adapted our discussions and made their tool match our idea,” he reveals.

Salesflow worked with Selltron Group to establish core operational aims and advice on automated campaigns and data flows. Salesflow’s holistic approach to prospecting and direct consideration of Selltron Group’s specific needs made it the natural choice for the company.

40 hours a week saved prospecting

Selltron Group has almost halved the time sink of its entire operations using Salesflow. Previously, “it took us 2 days a week to manage around 40 coaches,” says Donald. “Now, it takes us a few hours a day.”

Salesflow’s ability to run multiple outreach cadences in the background, without the need for LinkedIn to be open on screen or in the browser, has enabled Selltron Group to scale both its internal business processes and its Engine of coaches without eating into precious operational hours. Selltron Group can be confident in the longevity and health of its business model, freeing up its team to work on other valuable business areas.

Out-of-the-box data integrations have transformed the company’s business processes and ability to scale. “Our Partnership has allowed us to automate a lot of the processes, whether it be integration through HubSpot or other stuff that we use within Salesflow,” says Donald.

Accelerated time-to-meeting

Core to Selltron Group’s business model is the satisfaction of the coaches and professional firms on the platform. With over 60 accounts on the Selltron Group platform, the efficiency of time-to-meeting and time-to-client-acquisition is key to continued business health. “We guarantee within 90 days to have two qualified sales leads [for our clients] per month,” says Donald.

The company keeps a close eye on the speed at which clients receive interest as a result of prospecting activities. Using Salesflow, Selltron Group has seen the time to first meetings for its clients accelerate. Salesflow’s suite of automation features, including unlimited follow-ups and the ability to run multiple concurrent outreach cadences, reduces the lag between lead creation and a first meeting. The acceleration of the entire sales process improves pipeline health for Selltron Group and its Engine of coaches.

We work with “business coaches, executive coaches and professional service firms,” says Donald. “Lifetime value of a client for them is anywhere … 250K and up.” Their expectations from Selltron Group are simple: “what they want is a meeting put on their calendar”.

10x Return on Investment: “we can actually go to market”

Salesflow streamlines the process and cost of LinkedIn prospecting. Since using the platform, Selltron Group has seen a 10x return on investment: “for every $10 we spend, we get $100 in return,” reveals Donald. Automated cadences, centralised management, and partner support all reduced operational costs and improved prospecting efficacy for the company. Selltron Group can straightforwardly scale its business model and confidently go to market, knowing it will always have a healthy lead pipeline.

Using Salesflow has allowed Selltron Group to improve the success of its clients within its platform, too. For the coaches on the Engine itself, Selltron Group has seen individuals with a 60-to-one return over a three-month period. “If they spend $1,000 with us, they made $60,000 in three months,” says Donald. The time saved prospecting is time Selltron Group can put back into its network of coaches, giving them fantastic results and ensuring coach retention.

Relationship-focussed selling

Core to Selltron Group’s business model is the strength of its relationships. By using Salesflow’s automation tooling to offload operational hours and manual processes, the company has been able to focus on the human element of its business: building quality relationships.

“We get the engagement going and trust factor in and we build relationships. Then we convert to meetings afterwards,” says Donald

Selltron Group can use the time saved prospecting to show up for customers and customer meetings. This competitive advantage helps the company build relationships and drive engagement, ultimately improving the success of its clients, too.

Overall Results

By automating outreach with Salesflow, Selltron Group has accelerated time to meetings, saved 40 hours a week of manual operations (equivalent to one full time resource), and significantly boosted ROI.

Most importantly for a company focusing on relationship building, Selltron Group benefits from a true partnership. The company can work confidently knowing they have flexible support and customised service facilitating their on-going needs.

“Salesflow does what were looking for as a tool. The flexibility and the willingness to listen and to act upon to our needs for the tool itself. The customer service, the customer experience has been wonderful. It still is. “

Donald, Chief Executive & Strategy Officer

Offload your operational costs today

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