Their main business objective is to create a predictable sales pipeline for the services they provide by using LinkedIn outreach strategies to boost their global presence. 

Yojji’s main outbound strategy was cold email & manual LinkedIn outreach. Cold emails weren’t effective anymore and they needed to take their outbound strategy to the next level.


They targeted different industries and generated a 25% acceptance rate and a reply rate of 49.4%! Compared to a 5% industry average, Ildar started getting a lot of positive replies from new connections that wanted to learn more about the services they offered. Over time, they’ve targeted different prospects from different industries and countries while their campaigns continued generating great conversion rates each time.


“We’ve been working with Salesflow as our LinkedIn prospecting method for more than a year, and all we can say is that it is a great tool and team to enhance your LinkedIn outreach potential while wasting no time! Before Salesflow, our outreach strategies were time-consuming and the results were just as bad. With Salesflow, we were able to get in touch with unexplored markets and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.”

Ildar, Co-Founder of Yojji

About Yojji

Yojji is a web and mobile development, product design and quality assurance company. They provide a variety of services including: UI and UX design, IT consulting, QA and software testing, Enterprise software development and Mobile app development.