A good cloud-based LinkedIn Automation Tool can do more than just automate Linkedin messages and connections. It’s saving time, resources, and money. It’s generating more outbound leads. It’s understanding and improving your outbound leads generation.

But how exactly? Well, let us show you.

Saving time, resources, and money.

Keeping it simple, without a LinkedIn Automation tool, every day you want to send 10 new connections, 10 messages to existing connections, and 20 follow-up messages to ongoing lead outreach. On the quick side, let’s say this takes 3min each (taking into account searching and manual sends).

That’s: (10*3)+(10*3)+(20*3) = 120mins 

Now let’s look at that over a 5 day period: 120*5 = 600mins = 10hrs/w

That’s a whole day gone and 20% of every month. Let’s convert that to money:

Based on a $3500p/m US Salesperson salary that’s: 3500*0.2 = $700

Let’s say you’re a successful business owner and have 5 salespeople doing your outreach.

That’s: 700*5 = $3500. That’s $700- $3500 every month spent on something you can set up in 1hr instead of 10hrs and cost $99p/m.

Difference: 40 hrs turns into 1hr and $700-$3500 to $99-$445.

A good LinkedIn tool can save you a 40hrs and $3055 every month *based on calculations above
Numbers based on calculations above

But let’s be realistic, you don’t want to send only 10 connections, or even do 20 follow-ups, you want to be doing at least double, and with a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool, you can more than double that.

Generate more outbound leads

As a salesperson, you have 101 things to do and you can’t guarantee you will always send the exact amount of outbound messages every day, you’re only human.

Compared to a Chrome extention or Installed programme, a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool can work around the clock.

Let’s break it down and use the same numbers as above 10, 10, and 20, and you meet those numbers 80% of the time because you’re busy on the phone speaking to leads.

That’s 20% less outbound lead generation, that’s: (10+10+20)*0.8 = 32 outreach instead of 40.

Now let’s say you have a 10% prospect to lead conversion rate, that’s:  32*0.1 = 3 (rounded) instead of 40*0.1 = 4

Industry to industry the conversion rate differs, but again for simplicity sake let’s say you have a 25% lead to customer conversion rate, that’s:

3.2*0.25 = less than 1 lead (instead of 4*0.25 = 1 leads.)

Now let’s talk money.

If 1 deal = $2500 then you’re risking $2500 every month because you’re not meeting your outreach quota.

Let’s go back to you having 5 salespeople, that’s:

2500*5 = $25000 every month that you can miss out on.

Oh and let’s not forget, a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool can work around the clock and on weekends. A really good one can also let you set which hours to send so you can reach international clients.

Understanding and improving your outbound lead generation.

Manual outreach requires a lot of, well, manual tracking. That takes time and will most likely miss a lot of data, especially since you can’t organize your LinkedIn inbox. 

That takes a lot of time, more than you realize, and making sense of what works and what doesn’t, takes even longer.

A good LinkedIn Automation tool will always have that data ready for you and show you exactly where you need to improve or push harder.

Our own data of over 10,000 users, has shown an increase of 49% lead generation rate, now let’s take that and plugged into our numbers from above.

That’s: ((leads) 4*1.5)*0.25 (conversion rate) = 2 deals (rounded up) 

That’s double your previous leads and double your revenue. But of course, let’s talk numbers

1 deal = $2500 > 2*2500 = $5,000 per salesperson 

5 salespeople > 5,000*5 = $25,000 per month

It’s amazing what cleaned and well-presented data can do for your revenue.


A good LinkedIn Automation tool is worth it and our data proves it, on average, Salesflow users see a 900% ROI, that’s N*900.

ROI based on case study
Based on case study

What can a cloud based LinkedIn Automation tool do to your ROI?

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