215 Marketing is a leading performance marketing agency, working internationally and across industries to improve its clients’ marketing performance. In its three years with Salesflow, the company has saved 90% of the time it previously spent manually prospecting. As a result, it has been able to build a scalable, future-proofed LinkedIn strategy that ensures the agency’s long-term viability.

215 Marketing’s search for an efficient, scalable LinkedIn solution

215 Marketing first reached out to Salesflow due to issues with LinkedIn’s daily invite and message limits. The company was wary of frequent terms and security updates and worried that unless it was constantly alert to changes, LinkedIn might start blocking accounts. “We were always having to play this cat-and-mouse game,” Mark Siracusa, 215 Marketing’s Client Service Director, explains.

The threat of account limitations and blocks was unacceptable. As an agency, 215 Marketing relied on consistent, scalable outreach to produce results for clients. Any issues with this process threatened the long-term viability of LinkedIn as an outreach channel.

The company built its own internal software to work around LinkedIn issues but faced similar challenges. The effort of maintaining such a system also drained vital time and resources.

“We were putting a lot of time and resources that it wound up being not worth it,” says Mark. “It didn’t have a friendly UI or anything like that.” As a result, 215 Marketing quickly realised the need for a dedicated LinkedIn outreach solution.

Why 215 Marketing Chose Salesflow

“If you’re not using an automation tool, then you are not playing on the same field as everybody else,” Mark explains. Frustrated with the in-house effort and expense, 215 Marketing realised it needed custom LinkedIn automation software to ensure operational success.

After learning of Salesflow’s comprehensive leading cloud solution, the company decided to offload its LinkedIn outreach and immediately noticed a positive impact on operations.

215 Marketing shaved hours off outreach and messaging with the improved usability of Salesflow’s custom-built features. “Coming to Salesflow, it was nice to have the UI and to have the organisation,” says Mark. “It was much cleaner.”

215 Marketing was also impressed with Salesflow’s ability to keep pace with LinkedIn updates and proactively take steps to protect and secure accounts, removing fears of future account blocks. 

90% of the time spent prospecting saved

For 215 Marketing, a stringent prospect qualification process means 5% of leads convert completely to SQL. Therefore, it’s crucial the company’s prospecting is efficient for its lead generation strategy to remain viable. 

Salesflow’s automation solution saves the company up to 90% of the time manual prospecting would have previously taken: the difference between a successful business model and a frustrating, slow-moving process.

The Salesflow solution can run in the background without a browser or LinkedIn page open, adding further efficiency. “We save a ton of time,” Mark explains. “It just takes a gigantic manual load off of the team.”

The ability to effectively scale outreach

Using Salesflow, 215 Marketing can be sure of outreach that delivers at scale, with access to native integrations, follow-up messaging sequences and a real-time AI-driven lead management inbox. Such features streamline the agency’s outreach, provide greater sophistication and help reps address prospect needs. Consistent, tailored outreach helps the agency be confident of continued success and business health, despite operating in a competitive market. 

“The value is always staying top of mind,” says Mark. “Being able to reach out to that targeted audience. It’s significant. It’s making a difference.”

Ultimately, it’s a level of sophistication 215 Marketing’s clients have come to expect. “Every client … wants to be doing it, and they don’t know how to do it themselves,” says Mark. “It’s just the best way for us to do this service for clients.”   

The result? A viable LinkedIn lead generation strategy

Using Salesflow, 215 Marketing has validated the efficacy of cold LinkedIn outreach for acquiring qualified leads. 

Before engaging Salesflow, Mark couldn’t be sure he could scale messaging to the degree required to produce sufficient quality SQLs. He also had the constant threat of an imminent LinkedIn account block. Now, he and his team can confidently assure results for clients. 

For a performance marketing agency, the impact of such strategic confidence is significant. It allows the company to consider scaling, safe in the knowledge it can produce the results its clients desire. 

40% of B2B marketers see LinkedIn as the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads. The Salesflow automation solution ensures this vital prospecting channel consistently performs for 215 Marketing and its clients. 

“It brings in more money, it saves time, it’s convenient to the customer and it’s convenient to us,” says Mark.

Improve your ROI and market viability

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