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Providing Linkedin as a Service. 100% Done For You linkedin management.

Salesflow's DFY links the gap for Agencies to want to outsource their LinkedIn services. We’re not just a SaaS but a service too - white label linkedin lead generation

Dedicated Campaign Manager for linkedin b2b marketing

Linkedin Profile Consulting

Highly Targeted Sales Navigator Searches

Strategy Session & Onboarding

We set up the blueprint for your LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign. Understanding your business, your needs and the end goal. We guide & onboard you through your journey for success.

  • Using over 5 years experience in Linkedin Prospecting.
  • A discovery call to go over “Done for You” form with questions to understand the business, sales process and set expectations.
  • Learn more about your Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Setup and connect your LinkedIn account into an advanced platform.
  • Established team with technical expertise in LinkedIn & Cloud-based Automation.
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Customer Avatar

Building the audience directly from Sales Navigator, to ensure maximum relevancy and gather data points to optimize further.

  • Help you look at patterns and similarities among your best customers.
  • Using highly targeted Sales Navigator searches to find your ideal customers.
  • We offer the option for A/B testing if LinkedIn outreach is a new strategy for the business.
Let Us Find Your Ideal Customers


We help you create and set up your messaging copy which is focused on the prospect and their problems. We've gained years of copywriting experience from LinkedIn Generation campaigns from our sales team and our ‘done for you’ clients.

  • Expert copywriters that create LinkedIn copywriting that works and converts.
  • Built on social selling tactics and methodologies.
  • Up to 5 sequences messages created and once approved, implemented into the system.
  • Up to 2 different campaigns for A/B testing or targeting different verticals or persona.
  • x2 campaign types + x5 follow-ups
Create Copy That Converts


We make sure to track and improve the conversion rate over time by split testing messages. This helps to track what’s working and what’s not.

  • Bi-weekly reporting of all stats – number of invites, connected and replies. (positive vs negative).
  • Recommendations on how we think the client can improve conversion rates.
  • Access to your reporting dashboard.
Save Time Refining Copy With DFY


We take your LinkedIn prospecting & lead generation to the next level with Native Integrations. With our growing integration lists, we make it easier for you to drive more revenue through LinkedIn.

  • Integrate with Hubspot, Pipedrive, & Salesforce with a click of a button.
  • Integrate Zapier with your CRM, custom audience or email automation.
  • Sending leads to client’s CRM, allowing them to manage the pipeline and follow up effectively.
  • Allow for Facebook custom audiences for retargeting strategies (e.g. for people who don’t respond to messages).
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Auditing & Maintenance

  • We provide auditing and security reviews to ensure the account is kept on its feet during the whole process.
  • We provide insights about the newest exclusive updates from LinkedIn, and make sure those tactics are implemented first for our Done-for-you clients.
  • Day to day account management and continuous reviews to ensure consistent and smooth operations.
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Managed Campaign

$ 499

mon / user

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We will set, manage and report your linkedin marketing campaign on your behalf and leave the positive replies for you!
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Linkedin Profile Consulting
  • Up to 1200 Linkedin touch points
  • Live Campaign Tracking
  • CRM integration
  • Highly Targeted Sales Navigator Searches

Why partner with us?

  • 48%

    Increase in revenue

  • 10mil+

    Leads generated

  • 200+

    Agencies using Salesflow

  • 5+

    5+ Global support team

  • 7+ Years Expertise With LinkedIn Automation
  • 95% of customers stay on average of 18 months
  • Scalable client service
  • Manage up to 100+ accounts of your clients
  • Reach up to 120 leads per day
  • Consistent appointments scheduled

Frequently asked questions

What is a Done For You (DFY) package?

A DFY package basically means, all your LinkedIn outreach will be handled by us whilst we work closely with you to deliver results. The only time you’ll have to do any work is when someone replies with interest. We’ll handle the rest! You can see the features listed to see exactly what you get.

Is this for me?

If you are someone who doesn’t have time to do LinkedIn outreach, then Yes. We will set, manage and report your LinkedIn marketing campaign on your behalf and leave the positive replies for you!

Why does it cost so much?

On average, a DFY service costs 60% more than what we offer and if you decided to do this in-house, it will cost you an additional team member, that’s more than £1000 every month. We made our cost at such a competitive price because we want to be an asset to your business, not just another expense.

Will my LinkedIn Account be safe?

Of course! Our tool has limitations and usage to comply with LinkedIn rules with a combination of advanced algorithms. This means that you will always be within the LinkedIn limit and not flagged by the system. Alongside that, we provide dedicated IP's which have led us to have a near 0% ban rate.

What are the results across different industries, copywriting, and target audiences?

30-40% acceptance rate and 10-15% positive reply rate

What does the onboarding process look like?

Onboarding call to connect LinkedIn account Onboarding form to be filled out by the client DFY team creates copywriting draft + searches Copy + searches to be reviewed and approved by the client Campaigns started

How long does it take for the campaigns to be up and running?

Typically 2 weeks: Week 1 Onboarding - This includes setting up, consultation, market research, and strategic planning. Week 2 Setting-up - We will begin to add your campaigns to go live.

Can we test out different copies for the same target audience?

Yes, you can. We can set up A/B testing campaigns with two different copies.

Who’ll be the person in charge of the managed services accounts?

We have our own dedicated campaign managers for all DFY clients. The point of contact will be the campaign manager which would also set up and monitor the campaigns daily to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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