Projections show that the global automation software market will reach a value of $46.6 billion by 2028. Various industries use automation software for a range of purposes. LinkedIn automation tools are just one type that allows businesses to increase their reach, and therefore revenue, through LinkedIn. This growth can be easily achieved if you are using the right techniques.

If you are interested in the uses of LinkedIn automation tools, keep reading.

LinkedIn vs Email and Cold-calling

Emails are one of the most popular forms of communication these days. Setting up newsletters and other email marketing strategies is relatively simple, but they are sometimes not as effective as we would like.

Most people check their inboxes regularly, but they rarely look through all of their emails. People generally only take the time to read emails that interest them, and will simply delete or ignore others.

Unsolicited sales emails, for example, are not often interacted with. People may mark them as read or delete them without ever opening them.

The acceptance rate for emails is around 20% and about 28% for cold calls. With LinkedIn it is 62% – more than the other two put together. 

Replies are similarly proportionate, with a reply rate of about 3% for emails, 6% for cold calling, and 39% for LinkedIn.

Many companies still use cold-calling to market themselves, and while it’s more effective than using emails, it is still far behind LinkedIn.

Lead Generation

Lead generation has always been one of the most important aspects of sales. Bringing in more people who may be interested in your product or service will naturally generate more profit in the future.

Cold calling is a traditional method of doing this but carries the downside of taking a lot of man-hours. On top of this, it is not the most effective method.

Automated LinkedIn tools can be set to connect with potential customers with minimal input. Rather than a worker having to contact individuals one by one, you can simply set up your automation software and it will get to work on its own.

Automation software can be personalized, providing natural interactions with potential customers. Traditional email marketing tools may not have this capability, sending the same generic email to everyone.

People are far more responsive to communications that feel more catered for them as an individual, and it helps build a rapport between your brand and the customer.

Salesflow offers white-label lead generation (minimum of 10 accounts required) so you can include all of your own branding in your messages. This will give a more authentic and professional feel to your customers.

Report Generation

Another advantage of such tools is that they can automatically generate reports based on the work carried out. You can see how many people have interacted with your communications in terms of responses, replies, and conversions.

This can give you an idea of how successful your marketing techniques are, and you can see where you need to make changes.

A/B Testing

You can carry out A/B testing with ease, as you can easily test multiple outreach requests and see how effective different methods are.

Through this, you can optimize your marketing strategies to maximize how effective your communications are.

Schedule Campaigns

You can set up campaigns and customize them how you see fit. Using tags and action limits you can make sure every communication feels personalised for the customer. This is perfect for message sequencing within LinkedIn.

If you want to go even further you can connect your GSuite account to set up email campaign sequences. Expanding your campaign and communication methods increases your chances of bringing in traffic.

You can run various campaigns at one time, which is ideal if you have more than one specific target audience. You can customize each campaign differently to make each one more suited for different groups.

Message Automation

Sometimes people will respond to the first message they receive, but a lot of people don’t, even if they’re interested. They will sometimes need a little reminder.

Automation software can register if and when people respond to messages and emails, and therefore keeps track of those who haven’t. You can set up automatic follow-ups so that reminders will be sent to people who you have yet to hear back from.

You can send as many follow up emails as you like, adjusting the content of the email and the amount of time between follow-ups as you see fit. This will help to maximise your response rate and increase appointments.

Smart Inbox and Chat

AI chatbots are becoming a very popular marketing tool across many industries. You can set one up that people can interact with to gain information and assistance relating to your brand.

This can save a lot of time for the customer, as they can have their questions answered in real-time rather than having to send an email and wait hours, or potentially days, for a response.

You can adjust these chatbots based on the questions and queries you get from customers to make them more capable as time goes by.

This will also save time and money on your end as you won’t need as many staff to handle inbound queries from customers.

Live Insights

You can look at various details to see how successful your campaigns are while adjusting specific parameters.

For example, you can look at how many messages you have sent, and compare that to the number of connections and replies received. Charts allow you to display this information and you can adjust the timing to look at just the last week, or the last six months, to see how things have changed.

Visual displays of response rates can make it very easy to get an idea of how successful your campaigns are, and how they compare to previous ones.

Integrate With Other LinkedIn Automation Tools

Salesflow’s software can integrate with several other marketing tools to help drive more revenue through LinkedIn. Some tools have native integrations, so you can connect instantly with the press of a button.

Some of the most popular tools that you can integrate with include:

  • Hubspot – Marketing, sales, and CRM software making it easy to enrich CRM contacts from LinkedIn
  • Pipedrive – Another CRM system specifically made for sales
  • Salesforce – A CRM tool designed for small/medium businesses
  • Zoho – An office suite that contains databases, spreadsheets, project management, CRM, and more
  • Google Sheets – A very intuitive web-based spreadsheet tool

These are just a few examples of the many tools you can connect with to improve your automation capabilities.

Why Salesflow?

Something that makes Salesflow one of the best LinkedIn automation tools is the fact that it is a cloud-based system. It can run on autopilot using static IPs, making the prospecting outreach very secure.

You can implement your branding on our white-label dashboard, which will give your clients access to detailed reports as well as a private inbox. These reports can be set up with the specific metrics that your clients want to see, so they aren’t presented with any unnecessary information.

With private inboxes, you can add your own branding (logo, colour palette, domain, etc.) to establish yourself. You can also include your own intercom system. This all takes just minutes to set up.

There are currently over 200 agencies using Salesflow, with over 10 million leads generated and an average revenue increase of 48%.

Client Activities

With Salesflow you can set up a single dashboard that will display information about all of your clients. You can track their activities with ease, and scale your business up as you please.

Doing this means you can lower management costs for each client, saving you money as your business grows.

As Salesflow is a cloud-based tool you can log in wherever you are using the same IP. You can use sessions through the Salesflow browser emulator without the risk of being blocked by LinkedIn. This improves security for you and your clients.

Partner Support

Having 20+ accounts gives extra benefits. These include the support of an experienced single customer success manager along with a priority slack channel for quick and easy communication. These managers are experts in how to use LinkedIn automation tools, so will be able to guide you through any issues.

You will also have access to advanced content and expertise for a range of areas such as product and commercial.

Setting up Your LinkedIn Automation Software

The benefits of using Salesflow are not to be ignored. You can make your work easier, more seamless, and far more efficient while growing your business significantly.

Saving time and money is crucial to the success of any company, and LinkedIn automation tools are a great way to do so, while also futureproofing your brand.

If you are still unsure about Salesflow, you can click here and schedule a call with one of our experts who will give you a free demo of our software so you can see what it is capable of.