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4 Guides To Help You Make Effective Use Of Your LinkedIn Generation Efforts

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Get more out of LinkedIn & produce better outputs

Best 100+ LinkedIn Messages Templates

Improve your response rates. Proven to increase the number of leads, tested by real Salespeople. After years of closely working with customers, we were able to gain insight & knowledge of creating messages that convert.

  • 30% Connections rate
  • 25% First message response rate
  • +Up to 60% follow message response

Copywriting Framework For Successful Campaigns

A lot of messages talk about themselves rather than the prospect, hence why there is no value to the prospect. It generates resistance because most of the time, the prospect hears the same thing.

  • 5 Step Blueprint To Increase Response Rates
  • Messaging focused on the prospect
  • Higher response rates

The Sales Navigator Guide

Utilise Sales Navigator to its full potential. Prospect on LinkedIn effectively & efficiently to build your list. Sales Navigator is the best tool for easy & precise targeting. Utilise the tool to its full potential & have a concrete workflow in place to best target potential prospects (leads).

  • Get specific on your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Utilise Boolean Search & combining filters
  • Creating lists & multiple campaigns

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Guide

Produce a ‘Client-Centric’ LinkedIn Profile & present yourself an expert. Have prospects know, like & trust you. Prospects are most likely to view your profile to check you out before accepting your connection request. This guide explains some LinkedIn profile tips that’ll help you take it to the next level.

  • Tips on a professional & approachable presence
  • Creating 'Client-Centric' profile copy
  • Small but important areas

Service-Driven Platform

With 7+ years experience with LinkedIn Automation, we are your reliable technology partner that delivers. 95% of customers stay on average of 18 months.

  • Customer Success & Support
    Dedicated support team to guide & onboard you through your automation journey for success. We’re an established team with technical expertise in LinkedIn & Cloud-based Automation.
  • Easy To Use Platform You Will Love
    Build your campaign in minutes with our intuitive & easy to use interface. It’s simple, reliable & comprehensive navigation to get things done.
  • Growing International Team At Your Service
    We’re not just a SaaS but a service too with a global team servicing 4000+ users across 120+ countries with 3 international offices.
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