LinkedIn has more than 740 million users. As the number one networking and job recruiting social site, having a compelling summary is vital. Users with well-developed profiles are much more likely to get a response from a recruiter or hiring manager. And written correctly, your LinkedIn summary can foster lead generation. 

Is your company searching for job seekers? Or are you a consultant looking for new clients? You can leverage LinkedIn as a source of prospects. 

Keep reading to see samples of LinkedIn summaries. And learn lead generation techniques to help you maximise your opportunities. 

Why is the LinkedIn Summary Important? 

Remaining professional is important. However, LinkedIn is a social media tool used for networking, selling, and job searching. It’s expected for the language to be more engaging and personable. 

Your LinkedIn summary lets readers, recruiters, and prospective clients know about you. They get an idea of your personality and what makes you great. 

They can find out what you have to offer. And find a few accomplishments to show you know how to do what you claim. A strong summary can entice prospects and encourage them to connect in a few ways: 

  • Connect with you
  • Book a call
  • Schedule a demonstration
  • Join a newsletter
  • Sign up for a webinar or class

We recommend you regularly update your profile to match current offers. Your summary should be in alignment with your sales strategy. 

Many times, the LinkedIn summary is your first impression for a reader. You want to make a good one, don’t you? Your summary should be catchy and engaging

Keep reading for tips on how to make your LinkedIn summary stand out. 

How to Write a Catchy Summary

You need to engage the reader. You want to hook them in the beginning and keep it interesting so they stick around. 

A good LinkedIn summary has personality and a few key accomplishments. You should optimise the profile with keywords. You’ll show the reader who you are and what you do. 

You should keep the tone conversational and friendly. Your profile should be inviting prospective clients. Write it like you are speaking directly to the reader. 

Focus on what makes you different and how you add value for your clients. Show the reader your strengths. Help them to make an emotional connection so they want to work with you or buy from you. 

You want the summary to make a good first impression while also calling readers to act in some way. Your summary should include a way to connect and contact you. 

Write a Strong Opening to Hook Readers

You should consider your LinkedIn summary as a part of your copywriting efforts. Think of it as a sales hook. You’re just selling yourself. 

Your summary section allows 2,000 characters. When writing the hook, make sure it’s concise and impactful. You want to say the most in the least amount of words. 

Tell the Reader Who You Are and What You Do

Give the reader a glimpse into your career. Tell about how you got started or what you currently do. Showing what drives you is a great way to create a connection with other like-minded individuals. 

Keep paragraphs short and sentences simply to increase readability. You should sell yourself by showing your value. Let them see what you could bring to the table if they decided to work with you. 

Stay honest and transparent. If you aren’t good at something, do not draw attention to it. List your motivations to give readers a glimpse into your drivers. 

List Your Areas of Expertise

Adding a list of skills or areas of expertise is the best way to SEO optimise your profile. When LinkedIn users search for a specific skill, you want your profile to come up. 

Optimising for SEO makes that happen. You approach optimisation on LinkedIn much as you do on the web. You just focus on the key skills needed in your industry and make sure your profile has them. 

You can also think like your ideal customer. What would they search for on LinkedIn? Make it so your profile is what they find. 

Brag With a Few Accomplishments

You want the reader to think “Wow! I need them to help me do that!” so think of the best accomplishments that will impress prospects. Backing up your claims with numbers will strengthen this section. 

Accomplishments can also be non-work related. Maybe you were featured in an industry magazine. Or recognised with an award in your community. 

Think of your career and what you are proudest about accomplishing. These should be in the summary. 

End With a Call-to-Action

The call-to-action can be any variety of things. Maybe you want them to schedule a consultation with you and include a link to your calendar. 

Or maybe you just want them to connect so you can send your sales pitch. You can even invite them to sign up for a newsletter or visit a website. 

Whatever you decide, end your summary inviting the reader to make some sort of next step. 

Tips For Increasing Lead Generation 

When you are in sales, whether for your own company or another, it’s important to optimise your LinkedIn profile with the best lead generation techniques

Your Company Page

First, you should make sure your company page is updated with the most current business and contact information. This is often a prospect’s first look at you and your company. You want the profile to be attention-grabbing and accurate. 

Create Engaging Content

A key step to generating leads is creating content that converts. You don’t want to overwhelm readers, so two solid pieces of content weekly should help boost your conversions. 

Automate What You Can

Did you know there are LinkedIn automation tools to help make your LinkedIn strategy easier? LinkedIn has a vast amount of opportunities to reach prospects, so using an automation tool can save you time while boosting your numbers. 

LinkedIn Summary Examples By Job Title

There are many ways to write a LinkedIn summary. Sometimes a LinkedIn user will tell their career history like a story. Others will present you with a situation they can fix.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to write one, but by following the best practices outlined above, you can optimise your introduction. Your summary is the first thing a visitor sees. 

You want it to make an impact. The visitor should want to know more about you and be eager to talk to you as soon as possible. Read more about headlines to strengthen your profile more. 

Some examples of LinkedIn summaries are provided below. 

Independent Business Consultant Example

“A results-oriented executive with an entrepreneurial spirit with deep expertise in leveraging processes and teams to maximise revenue. Through my strategic recommendations, I have assisted more than 100 companies in growing profits while maximising sales opportunities. 

Currently, I am the Founder and CEO of my company. I lead a talented team of 400 in all daily functions and projects with an emphasis on growth. My strengths lie in optimisation, team leadership, executive-level relationships, and strategic planning. Please review the following highlights from the last five years of my career: 

  • Delivering 400% growth for an industry-leading banking institution. 
  • Expanding operations to global locations for two companies valued at over $100M annually. 
  • Executing strategies related to global growth, customer expansion, and operational excellence, leading to profit growth by 500%. 

My areas of expertise include: 

  • Executive Leadership
  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Management 
  • Revenue and P&L Growth
  • Sales Generation

I would love to speak with you about how I can help your company grow. Please reach out today to connect or schedule a meeting at my calendar link.”

Human Resources Expert Example

“As a subject matter expert in human resources management, I recruit the best of the best candidates to ensure continued success across organisations. 

Throughout my career, I have progressed through human resources roles from an assistant to the director. I am now head of the human resources department at my consulting company where I define strategies related to recruiting, sourcing, employee engagement, and talent management. 

My areas of expertise include human resource management, strategic planning, strategic sourcing, talent acquisition, relationship management, employee relations, and departmental oversight. 

A few career accomplishments include: 

  • Being recognised as one of the Top 40 Under 40 by a local newspaper. 
  • Placing candidates in more than 100 open positions monthly. 
  • Building and developing highly effective teams, leading to many employees being promoted to leadership positions. 
  • Receiving several awards, including Employee of the Quarter, Leader of the Year, and Performance Awards. 

I am eager to grow my network and hope we can connect. I can be reached at [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help you improve your talent acquisition strategy!” 

Marketing Consultant Example

“As a marketing specialist, I maximise a company’s lead opportunities by creating compelling content that engages audiences and creates action. I have more than 15 years of success in growing sales, revenue, and leads for top companies in the medical device industry. 

I currently serve as the marketing specialist and consultant for medical device companies and I have delivered year-on-year growth. Throughout my time consulting companies on marketing initiatives, I have gained key skills in marketing content creation, strategic copywriting, and engagement. My areas of expertise include: 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Launches
  • Audience Targeting 
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Performance and Metrics
  • Campaign Analysis and Optimisation

I have delivered many successes while advising medical companies. I’ve outlined a few below: 

  • Increased campaign ROI by 1000%. 
  • Recognised with awards for best marketing campaign and performance. 
  • Grew sales by 89% during a downturn in the market. 
  • Enhanced audience engagement scores by 130% with targeted advertising. 

Does your company need marketing expertise? Please reach out to me at [email protected] for a free consultation.” 

Sales Consultant Example

“As an award-winning consultant that’s been recognised in Forbes and The New York Times, I am eager to discuss how I can help your company expand operations. 

My approach is simple. I focus on your sales goal and find the clearest and fastest path to get there. For 20 years, I was a business professional and executive in the automotive industry. For the last 10 years, I have leveraged my expertise to advise automotive companies on how to grow and expand their operations to achieve exponential success and sales growth. A few achievements: 

  • Consolidating two industry-leading companies into the number one market leader with 54% revenue growth. 
  • Developing three professionals into creating and launching their own companies, one of which reached $15M in sales in 2020. 
  • Utilising my industry knowledge to predict trends and market shifts for many companies. 

Are you ready for results like these? Contact me at 111-11-1111 or [email protected] and we can schedule a consultation. 

My greatest desire is to help others reach the success I have had. I pride myself on my capabilities and love to share the knowledge! 

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Management Consulting
  • Operational Growth 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Analysis 
  • Sales and Revenue Growth 
  • Professional Development 
  • Team Leadership

Key Technologies: 

  • Salesforce
  • MS Office Suite
  • C#

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