Webinar: How to continue generating leads during the lockdown?

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In this webinar we will help you to identify less impacted industries you can pivot toward and target. Show how to prospect during such times using LinkedIn, recommendations on copy and new tactics & workflow with other tools.


  1. Share insights on less impacted industries you should pivot towards (10min)
  2. LinkedIn Automation. Effectiveness of social selling
  3. Copy that works. Best practice + templates
  4. Linkedin hacks, tools, tips and best practices
  5. Bonus offer for webinar attendees
  6. Tips on to prospect safely and limitations
  7. Q&A

By the end of the webinar, we will provide a special discount for those, whose business is affected by the lockdown.

See you there!

Key Features

Safe Reliable Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-Based Solution

The safest way to prospect on Linkedin

Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage your sales team or client under one tab. Scale your activity whilst

Secure prospecting

We take your account security seriously. For each each account we have high level of security for both your data and account.

7-day Money Back

We have setup costs to configure your account to ensure your secruity is not taken for granted but offer a 7-day Money back guarantee should you change your mind