10x your response rates by combining multi-touch workflow with LinkedIn + email on Autopilot

Combine LinkedIn and email automation to maximise your LinkedIn list by utilizing unaccepted prospects. These prospects make up to 70% of your list, so there’s huge potential there.

For example, if you invite 2,000 prospects per month via a LinkedIn automation tool, 70% of them (1,400 prospects) are left under-utilised.

The solution is to create another touch point via email outreach for those prospects who have NOT accepted your invitation. This will allow you to maximise your outreach while improving the response and engagement rate of your list by at least 10x.


Not everyone is active on LinkedIn. If a prospect didn’t accept your request, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your proposal. So, creating another touch-point increases the response rate of your predefined and updated list.

Email and LinkedIn are both great tools for connecting with prospects and spreading your company’s message. Combining both in a multi-platform approach will boost your success rate, by up 10x (proven!)

Tools needed:

  1. Salesflow $99 – 2,000 invites
  2. GetProspect $29 – 1,000 emails
  3. Lemlist or Reply.io $49 – 1,000 email sending
  4. Zapier $25 – 1,000 tasks

The right copy:

There are three options that you can explore:

  1. LinkedIn Open InMails + LinkedIn Invitation + Email follow-up (Step 1-4 described below)
  2. LinkedIn invitation + Email follow up (Step 1, 3 and 4 described below)
  3. Email then LinkedIn workflow

Linkedin Open InMails + Linkedin Invitation and follow-up messages + Email

Step 1: Create a fully-automated LinkedIn list using Salesflow, and import your search directly from a saved or in-app search. Salesflow is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation platform built with security from the ground up with almost 0% ban rate across thousands of users.

1. Create a new campaign, by clicking on “add new campaign”

2. Add members by selecting the search options available, or importing them directly to begin your search. There are 5 ways for creating your list:

-From a LinkedIn search

-By adding existing connections (from your LinkedIn account that’s linked to the Salesflow platform)

– Searching through Sales Navigator

-Importing leads from Sales Navigator

CSV file import

Step 2: Once you have a list, you can send up to 800 Open InMails per month with autoresponders directly. You don’t need to connect and ask for the first touch point.

*for those who don’t know what Open InMails are – they are free InMails you can send with LinkedIn premium accounts. SalesFlow allows you to automate and scale the entire process.

Here’s how you can create a full multi-sequence InMail strategy on Salesflow.io for this workflow:

Create a new InMail sequence in LinkedIn:

No response?

Add a follow up on Open InMails

Step 3: Export all contacts and- filter the ones that haven’t replied to a separate campaign.

1. Create a new campaign

2. Set up your -Connection message-, then choose the connection request frequency. Now, you’re ready to automate the process of inviting prospects why didn’t reply to your InMail.

3. Don’t forget to add follow-up messages, once your request is accepted.

Step 4: Once your campaign on LinkedIn is finished, you can connect it with Zapier and continue nurturing by approaching your leads by email.

1. Set up a Zapier webhook in Salesflow that executes when someone doesn’t accept your LinkedIn invite with “execute when withdrawn.” This means that SalesFlow will withdraw your invites after x days if an invitation wasn’t accepted.

2. Create your Zapier integration with GetProspect to find their verified email address.

3. Once you test a hook, choose your action step “create a lead” with GetProspect. Then, fill in fields such as:

List: First, Last, Company Name, Job Title, Industry, LinkedIn URL, domain name. This will help you send only verified emails to Lemlist.

4. Next step is to link GetProspect to Lemlist (or another email tool to send emails).

5. Now you fill in the custom variables from GetProspect to Lemlist.

*Note: If there are any variables you want from SalesFlow, you will have to push this via GetProspect e.g. notes.

6. Go to Lemlist and create a campaign:

If you want to make this fully automated, go to settings and enable review automatically.

Congrats! Now you have a fully-automated LinkedIn + email outreach flow ?

STEP 4: You need great email copy if you want your LinkedIn + email outreach flow to succeed. Here’s a full sequence that you can use in your email outreach campaigns.

Note: Don’t forget to adjust the copy based on your target audience.

Email to LinkedIn Workflow

The process we mentioned earlier works the other way around as well. So, you can start with email, and use LinkedIn as your second touch point.
Got a 2-5% reply rate? The following workflow will help you automate the process of connecting your email leads on LinkedIn.

1. Open Salesflow.io Zap

2. Connect your SaaS provider (in our case, Reply.io has Zapier)

3. Choose Prospect Finished as your Trigger Event (shown below). This means that the prospect has gone through the whole cycle and hasn’t replied.

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4. If you don’t have your prospects’ LinkedIn accounts, you can use a tool like GetProspect or Clearbit to get them by enriching your LinkedIn data.

5. The next step is connecting SalesFlow (search in Zapier apps) and adding as a new member to the SalesFlow InMail, or the connection request campaigns, like shown above.

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Email Templates & Best Practice:

Topic 1: Recent LinkedIn invitation hook

[Prospect name], Re: LinkedIn Invitation

Hi [Prospect Name],

I sent over a LinkedIn invite a couple of weeks back but I thought to reach out directly since we don’t know each other yet. FYI Here’s my profile {LinkedIn profile URL}

Whilst seeing your background at {company name} – we’re working with {company a}, {company b} and {company c} by {value proposition}

Are you open to a quick call next week?


{Your Name}


Topic 2: Campaign focused on active LinkedIn members who posted in the last 30 days

Subject line: Recent LinkedIn post

Hi {Prospect Name},

I saw your recent post on LinkedIn and I reached out to connect but not sure you had a chance to see it.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile: {LinkedIn Profile}

I wanted to share {value proposition} that similar companies to {company name} have deployed with {Benefit 1}, {benefit 2} and {benefit 3}

Are you open to a conversation, say next week?



Few tips, examples and templates from LinkedIn to Email transition hack:


By combining LinkedIn Open InMails + Invitations + emails as a multi-touch approach you’ll increase your response rate by up to 10x more responses and maximising your LinkedIn list.


Email-only approach

LinkedIn Open mails + Invite-then-mail approach